Testimonials: Near-death Intensive 5-day Program

The Experience

“Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not only much more than our physical bodies but an intregral part of the universe. This program will do exactly that.” – David L.

“This intensive shows us the profound beauty, joy, peace and awakening death brings. I can even say it gives us a second chance at life. I am very grateful because it greatly adds to my already unfolding spiritual awakening.” – Lisa Buckley

“I explored and experienced all aspects of the NDE. I gained a true knowing that I could move past my toughest limitations. It was a fulfilling, freeing program that delivered even more than I expected.” – Teresa P.

“This program is an amazingly well-structured look at all the components of an NDE. We are gently taken step-by-step through the process, with plenty of opportunity to process each aspect and the insights gained.” – Susan Smily

“The NDE program brought clarity to the rules of the physical and nonphysical worlds in order to act with conscious choice! …What I discovered was all there is, is LOVE.  Until I experienced it in the nonphysical, I have felt only a morsel of its grandeur. My hope is that others will have the same opportunity to experience eternity now.” – Michele Blair

“An amazing voyage into the afterlife. To really experience our creator.” – Alexander D.

“Other than having an NDE, this is the best preparation I can imagine for understanding the transition that awaits each of us.” – Anonymous

“Due to my experiences in this course, I am clearer about the nature of reality, and who I am contacting “on the other side” when I pray, meditate and seek spiritual guidance. I feel surer of my sources/guides and more at peace with my existence on this physical plane. I found the guided adventures deeply satisfying and reassuring. I feel more sure of myself and my ability to guide my life path, having a better assurance of what I am about here, and how things will be later, after I leave this earth plane. Great course, profound experiences, life-changing. Thank You!” – David Monroe

“I came to the NDE Intensive expecting to have an NDE. I wanted to see my Mom who recently crossed over and two dear friends. By Wednesday, when nothing had happened, I just put my expectations to the side and decided to learn from the excellent presentations of Scott and Charleene, and to let myself vicariously experience the insights that were happening to many in the group.

Incredibly, when I did this—it happened, but entirely different than what I expected! While in the darkness of my CHEC unit (bed) a bright light appeared in front of me. First I saw a figure appear dressed in white, then the two others. Finally the Virgin Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, appeared in all her splendor. She has been my spiritual guide in life since I was a child. The vision lasted until the end of the music that was playing. An unforgettable experience for me.” – Betina Moreno



“This retreat has solidified my thirst for helping the dying. I will join a volunteer hospice program as soon as I return home. I can confidently state that my fear of death has decreased tremendously. I’m almost excited to see my dear loved ones on the other side, that’s to this program.” – Deborah I.

“Scott Taylor’s NDE Intensive was one of the most life changing experiences of my life. It helped me for my future final transition, and has inspired me to live a more loving, meaningful and compassionate life.” – Kristen Volk Funk

“The NDE course was out of this world. Scott prepared you thoroughly beforehand; however, you can still be completely surprised at who appears. If you have any fears of death whatsoever, I would highly recommend this course because you will learn you are never really alone.” – Sandy, Western Australia


The Group and Facilitators

Being a “newbie” to the TMI experience, I instantly felt “at home” here. Scott & Charlene did an excellent job, presenting this much needed course in an accessible way. Enjoyed the love, humor, and the colorful socks!! Thank you so much!! – Craig M.

“Very warm and engaging instructors. [They] handled a difficult subject in ways that facilitated understanding of a most important time of transition.” – Sherry Ferguson

“Scott does a fantastic job of leading the group through understanding the several forms of near-death experiences and in helping the group individually and collectively to explore the meaning of these and points beyond.” – Anonymous

“A Saturn V launch into dimensions here –to-fore unexplored. Knowledgeable facilitators kept me safe and informed. Caution: will rock your world as you know it.” – Martin C.

“Scott is one of the best I’ve seen and experienced in live journeys from start to finish.” – Anonymous