Into the Light™ Meditation CDs

All albums include a detailed Guidance Manual to help you make the most of the album. Original music and Hemi-Sync© binaural beat frequencies to help support your journey.

"Into the Light" is a two-CD immersion that takes you deep into the realm of the near-death experience. It's designed to give you sense of what it's like to have a near-death experience ― without the fear or physical trauma. Created by NDE researcher and speaker Scott Taylor, EdD, Into the Light draws upon the documented accounts of more than 6,000 near-death experiencers. Four expertly crafted, guided exercises take you step-by-step into world of the NDE. The exercises use Hemi-Sync® technology to open vibratory windows to the nonphysical.  Original music by Jonn Serrie. 


Meet your guides as encountered by those who’ve had a near-death experience. The first exercise is a fully guided exploration of how to prepare your physical body, mind and energy body to make exploration possible. It talks you through how to meet and converse with your guide. And, it teaches you the skill of bilocation—one form of an out-of-body experience that is easy to learn and helpful when exploring the nonphysical universe. The second exercise is unstructured. It gives you time to foster your relationship with guides and explore this expanded state of awareness. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clark.


The first exercise is a fully guided exploration of the tunnel many people encounter during a near-death experience. During this exercise, you will prepare your body, mind and energy body for exploration. You will be guided to experience the colors, music and crystals found in the tunnel. This exploration helps you connect with the tunnel itself and discover its origins and significance.  The second exercise is unstructured. It enables you to revisit structures, people and energies you encountered during the guided exercise. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clark.


This is the place where you enter the realm of the Black Light. It’s the place of unmanifested potential. There you can merge with Source – the embracing, loving Light that is the foundation of the Universe. In this exquisitely quite place of complete and utter stillness, there is no ego, no future, no past. It is simply the eternal now. The album features two exercises. The first is verbally guided. The second is an unstructured exercise where you can spend time in deeper exploration. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clark.


This album helps you explore and connect to the Clear Light of Love. It recognizes that this love is in us, all around us, and is the fundamental energy of our universe. It guides you to open your heart, flowing love out into the world and connecting to the love of the Universe. In times of uncertainty, this exercise holds you in this heart space. It reminds you that you are loving and are comprised of love. The album features two tracks. One is verbally guided. One is an open exercise that explores this state in more depth. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clark.

“This is one of the most amazing and beautiful meditation experiences I have ever had!” – L. Hartman

"I awoke at 3 a.m....and decided to try out the series....I was able to cross over into the spiritual realm."  – C. Andrews

“A very good way to meditate. Hemi-Sync is simply a must.” – Derek Buickel

"It is gentle and easy to use." – A. Hunter


Hemi-Sync audio technology allows you to open and hold the vibratory windows to the nonphysical universe.