Near Death Experience Booklet

Included in each CD is a comprehensive booklet. It's designed to give you tips and tricks for exploring the nonphysical universe. It's also a wonderful reference on NDEs.  Please read it before embarking on your near-death meditations. You'll know what to do.

For example, the booklet describes how each near-death experience is absolutely unique and incorporates certain common elements (see “What is an NDE?” p. 4) In the first (blue) CD we’ve tried to have you experience each one of them.

How an element choses to manifest is up to you, your higher self and your teacher/protectors. (example: Your guide may be a relative, friend, pet, religious figure, being of light, etc.)

In a “real” NDE experience, there may be as few as one element (The Light) or several. They may occur in any order. I’ve not read about anyone who had all elements. We’ve given you a sequence that makes sense and is designed for familiar comfort and a good launching pad for your future explorations.

The sequence chosen represents common experiences and alternative methods. Case in point: there are at least 50 ways for you to leave your physical body, many kinds of guides, three types of light (white, clear and black) and many ways to reenter your body. We wanted to give you a taste of the most frequent of these methods. 

The exercises are also designed to be used many, many times. You will have a different experience each time and become more comfortable and able to move about in the nonphysical world. With each exercise, you’ll find your experience of the physical world will become richer as you gain more perspective from the nonphysical.

An amazing voyage into the afterlife. To really experience our creator.
— Alexander D.